The “luxusletter” Newsletter provides information on special hotel highlights and special offers.
The hook of the article is a journalism-style subject, such as “Mum’s the Word – The best spa
hotels for Mother’s Day”, “Call of the Wild – Selected hotel tips for your hiking holiday” or
“Bye-Bye, November Blues – Colourful design hotels for your city break”. Present your hotel
in our luxusletter and reach your target group directly without wasted coverage!
Each luxusletter contains recommendations for a maximum of six hotels. We are also happy to present your hotel in an exclusive edition of luxusletter.

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“W”, as it is simply known to New Yorkers, is the in hotel
– mainly because it’s become a favorite haunt of New
Yorkers themselves.
Fortunately, its discreet entrance isusually overlooked by
the passing throngs of tourists.
An elevator ride to the first floor reveals a spacious
lounge area, with the bar to the right and check-in to the
left before guests are escorted to their rooms.
Stunningly memorable views over Manhattan ... Continued