native advertorial
We recommend your hotel to our readers in an in-depth article on The advertorial is produced in the same look and feel as the guest reviews and is flagged as an advertisement. This editorial style is extremely positively received by readers, integrating the article into a high-quality content environment and clearly distinguishing it from conventional advertising.

Your benefits

The advertorial comprises

Length of copy text
Publication timeframe

approx. 3,900 characters
4 weeks
EUR 2,600

Exclusive advertising positioning, integrated into a high-quality content environment
Maximum targeting accuracy
Reliable calculation of advertising prices and publication timeframes
Direct link to hotel website

A teaser on the cover page with cover slide
The sub-page presents an in-depth journalism-style hotel review authored by experienced editors
Cover picture
Picture gallery of up to 10 pictures supplied by you
Summarized hotel rating
Link to hotel website
Comments function
Facebook link
Extra: Social advertorial on Facebook
Get your readers‘
attention with attractive
visuals! The article is
headed by a large cover
picture of your hotel.
Your hotel advertorial
is flagged as an
Your hotel is showcased
to its full effect in an
article authored and
edited by our expert
Further plus points are
the Facebook link and
blog comments function
for readers. Comments
are moderated before
The Gallery presents
up to 10 pictures
of your hotel, with
captions explaining
the image content.
The direct link allows
readers to access
your hotel website